Complaints / Feedback Form:

People who receive support from Community Living Central York / Someone calling on the person’s behalf

Step 1 – If possible, the person should first try to speak to someone he or she trusts. This doesn’t have to be someone on the team. If the person feels more comfortable sharing with someone in his or her natural support network, that person should help bring the concern forward to the team. It is the responsibility of the support person who receives the complaint to work toward achieving a resolution. The direct support staff may involve the team’s Supervisor for direction. 

Step – If the complaint cannot be resolved at the direct support level, it must be brought to the Manager supporting the team. If it cannot be resolved at that level, it must be brought to the attention of the Executive Director. 

Step 3 – If the person is still unsatisfied with the situation after working through the system he or she may use one of the other components of the complaint and feedback system including our telephone “complaint line”. Please note, if for some reason the person is uncomfortable with speaking with any of the people listed in step 1 or 2, the person can skip these steps and go directly to the complaint phone line. 

Telephone Complaint Line

905-898-3013 – a message can be left at any time – someone will return the person’s call within 3 business days. 

General Public

Contact our office at 905-898-3000 – speak to our Executive Director Colleen Zakoor


Email us at:

If you have a problem / complaint or a concern about how Community Living Central York is supporting you, you need to speak to your support staff. If you feel you cannot speak with your support staff or Supervisor, you can speak to one of the management team.

Juli Boehmker

ext. 104

Tara Watt

ext. 130

Christine Ruchlewicz

ext. 310

Brenda Swanson

ext. 103

Kate Sisopha

ext. 510

Andrew Fagan

ext. 516

Kerri Tomlinson

ext. 210

Colleen Zakoor

ext. 100

If you feel none of the managers has helped or you feel uncomfortable speaking with any of them,  you should go speak with Colleen the Executive Director:

905-898-3000 Ext. 100


You can always call the complaint line:


You can leave a message about what is bothering you. If you don’t like leaving a message, you can just say your name into the answering machine